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Meta Festival

Branding the first 24hr festival happening in the Metaverse

The Meta Festival unfolds within the immersive virtual realm of Metapolis, a dynamic three-dimensional world full of opportunities for exploration, and connection. It merges work and play, fostering meaningful interactions and fun experiences for festival-goers. Spanning continents from Asia to Europe and the United States, this event caters to every time zone, curating content that resonates with participants worldwide. It becomes the ultimate metaverse destination for individuals from all corners of the globe.

Crafting a visual identity for a festival set in an enigmatic yet promising realm poses a unique challenge. Recognizing this opportunity, I undertook the task of creating a visual identity that not only serves as the cornerstone for event communication but integrates with the look and feel of Metapolis itself. With this vision, it allowed me to design a cohesive visual experience that embodies the spirit of the festival and immerses attendees in its transformative atmosphere.

Immersive experience design: Journee