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Helping a global agency build next level brand system

During my time working as a senior designer at DEPT®, I have lead design tasks of global brand initiatives. In this role, my focus was on building DEPT®'s visual identity to align with the company's visionary stance as a technological pioneer, while never losing sight of commitment to human-centric values. I took design challenges to ensure the brand remained at the forefront of innovation.

Creative team: Mia Mühlemann, Luis Iranzo, Hana Wensley

The DEPT® brand acts as a unifying thread, building strong relationships throughout every stage of an employee's journey within the company. It fosters a sense of belonging, enabling individuals to contribute meaningfully and fostering an environment of collaboration and growth.

DEPT® goes beyond its core business, embracing social responsibility, environmental care, and diversity. It achieved the Climate Neutral certification in 2020, underscoring its commitment to combatting climate change. In 2021, DEPT® became a global agency with B Corp certification, reinforcing its dedication to social and environmental standards.