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A platform promotes the culture and beauty of Italy through gallerists’s eyes

Italics is the first digital editorial platform that dedicates itself to showcasing the richness and allure of Italy. Through the captivating voices of well known Italian art gallerists, including renowned international galleries such as Gagosian, Galleria Continua, and Massimo De Carlo, Italics invites its audience to join a journey that celebrates the essence of Italian artistry.

Working alongside the gallerists, we have designed and developed the visual identity, naming, website, and Instagram channel @italics.art, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. Particularly noteworthy is the development of the website, which has been created in three languages: Italian, English, and Chinese. This enables Italics to engage with a broader audience and foster international collaboration.

Working together, both on and offline, Italics share the gallerists' personal experiences and insightful tips, and this platform serves as a connoisseur for an international audience to discover Italy's unique and distinctive charm.

With every article, interview, and feature, Italics aims at a mission to shine a spotlight on Italy's artistic and folk cultural treasures. From the Casten Holler's site-specific Swing ride in the mountain of Basilicata to Etel Adnan's favourite trattoria in San Gimignano, from gardens that inspired Anish Kapoor to Maurizio Cattelan's early year art pieces dispersed in the city of Milan, Italics leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of Italy's art heritage.