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Museo Madre

Craft visual identity that captures the essence of a museum in the heart of Naples

In 2013, Leftloft worked on the identity project to bring new life into Museo Madre, a renowned contemporary art museum situated in Napoli. As the years progressed and the museum's institutional landscape evolved, Madre recognized the need for a thorough review of its identity in 2018. The ever-growing complexities of the institutional environment necessitated an adaptation to meet the diverse needs of its audience. In response to this call for change, we crafted a comprehensive visual identity that captured the essence of the museum.

This transformative journey came with the launch of the new identity, celebrated through a captivating campaign centred around the iconic American photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. Through compelling visuals, and engaging narratives, the campaign served as a captivating introduction to Madre's renewed persona, capturing the contemporary art lovers worldwide.

We took the challenge of redesigning Madre's corporate image, infusing it with a fresh sense of purpose and relevance. The visual identity was thoughtfully reimagined, paying homage to the museum's rich heritage and Naples' local cultural dynamics.